New Release of StaffCore v3.4.7

StaffCore - Spigot Plugin

StaffCore is an advanced Staff-Management Plugin containing many useful features to maximize the efficiency of your Staffteam

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StaffCore is fully customizable and easy to use

The resource-saving Plugin-Design allows you to run it even on servers
with low ram on constantly *20TPS Only Plugin on server

Integrated AntiCheats

StaffCore gives you the ability to use an AutoReport-Module connected to Spartan or Matrix!

Integrated WebInterface Optional

StaffCore also comes with a fully responsive WebInterface for you to manage everything!

Creative Design

Our WebInterface comes with the design from AdminLTE-3.0.5 and is fully responsive!

Multiple Reportreasons

StaffCore allows you to save an unlimited amount of Reportreasons in an awesome and easy-to-use GUI!

Rewards on Reports

The Plugin also provides Vault-Support which give you the ability to reward Player who reports Rulebreakers!

Clickable Notifications

StaffCore has the most modern implementation of interacting with the Chat! You can just click on Messages!

ShowCase » WebInterface

Here you will see the design patterns of
the WebInterface from StaffCore

Dashboard logged in

Features you'll love

StaffCore comes with awesome InGame and Web Features!

WebInterface Features

Our WebInterface comes with many features to always have an overview!

Management of Bans & Mutes

Active Reports & Reports Archive

Unban & Unmute Appeals

Complete Permission & Rank System




For Developers

StaffCore also offers an very extensive API!

Access almost any feature from the Plugin

Well documented and structured code

Detailed Documentation

Try it out

Download Section

Choose between our API, StaffCore Plugin and well designed WebInterface.
Or just take all of them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the basic types of questions for our customers. For more
information please contact us.

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Is the plugin for BungeeCord?

From the current point of view (05.06.2020): Its not, but there will be a option in the future!


How do I get help with the plugin?

Use our dedicated support email ( to send your issues or feedback. We are here to help anytime.
If you don't to send an Email, we also have an Discord-Server for support inquiries! Discord


Is the WebInterface required?

No. The WebInterface is completly optional and is only for those of you who want some more features on the web


Will you regularly give updates for StaffCore?

Yes, I will update StaffCore every two weeks! Bugfixes are unscheduled and can be published at any time

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